Diesel Articulated Boom lifts

The load-sensing system is adopted, which can realize the compound action of the arm frame, and the operation is flexible.


1.The load-sensing system is adopted, which can realize the compound action of the arm frame, and the operation is flexible;

2.Perfect matching of hydraulic pressure and electric control: improve the operation comfort of each action;

3.Full-time four-wheel drive, floating axle and off-road tires, easily cope with complex road surfaces;

4.The single-point weighing system has high precision and low failure rate;

5.Equipped with an anti-extrusion device for the platform, which can stop the machine for protection when it is in danger of being extruded;

6.Combination of compound action and speed control to reduce noise and fuel consumption;

7.The zero-swing tail structure is compact and suitable for operations in narrow spaces.

Technical Data

Maximum platform height 14.5m 14.9m 18.3m 24.6m
Maximum working height 16.5m 16.9m 20.3m 26.6m
Max horizontal extension 7.9m 8.4m 12m 16m
Max crossing height 7.4m 7.4m 7.8m 9.4m
Overall length(platform stowed) 6.48m 7.75m 8.6m 11.5m
Overall width (axis contracted) 2.15m 2.15m 2.28m 2.49m
Overall height(stowed) 2.2m 2.2m 256m 3.2m
Wheel base 2.03m 2.03m 2.44m 3.05m
Ground clearance 0.32m 0.32m 0.32m 0.39m
Platform dimension 1.83*0.76*1.1m 1.83*0.76*1.1m 1.83*0.76*1.1m 1.83*0.76*1.1m
Rated load capacity 227Kg 227Kg 227Kq 227Kg
Max. Occupancy persons 2  2  2  2
Turning table rotation angle 355°discontinuous 355°discontinuous 360°discontinuous 360°discontinuous
Platform rotation angle 160° 160° 160° 160°
Driving speed of platform (Stowed) 5.1km/h 5.1km/h 5.1km/h 5.1km/h
Driving speed(platform elevated) 0.8km/h 1.1km/h 1.1km/h 1.1km/h
Gradeability 40%(4WD) 40%(4WD) 40%(4WD) 40%(4WD)
Outer turning radius 4.5m 4.5m 6.3m 6.3m
Inner turning radius 2.1m 2.1m 3.5m 3.0m
Max inclination of the chassis
Max alowable wind speed 12.5m/s 12.5m/s 12.5m/s 12.5m/s
Max allowable lateral force 400N 400N 400N 400N
Max noice durng nomal operation 82dB(A)   82dB(A) 82dB(A 82dB(A)
Divingxsteering 4WDx2WS 4WDx2WS 4WDx2WS 4WDx2WS
Power Source Cummins Cummins Cummins Cummins
Cootrol voltage 12V DC 12VDX 12V DC 12V DC
Fuel tank 70L  70L 110L 170L
Hydraulik oll tank 90L 90L 110L 160L
Total weight 7200 Kg 7300 Kg 10700 Kg 16300 Kg

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